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Connecting, inspiring and enabling photographers * to innovate, develop & create their visions together

* If you have a phone or camera, you are a photographer!

  • We are a friendly, welcoming club providing a supportive structure within which many aspiring photographers have developed their interests and skills
We meet every second Tuesday 8pm at Vale Douzaine Rooms. What do we do? - see here

Start of Evening - Before Digital


Do you remember or do you know about photography before digital? ...more

Start Evening - Sam Thompson Prints


Sam will talk about some of his own prints before we look at our own entries in the "Street Photography" competition.

Brian's Outdoor - Location to be determined


We will be meeting at 6:45pm to take photos of a number of subjects provided by Brian on the night. Use your phone or any camera ...more

Start of Evening - Jo's Travels


Jo will talk about some of her images from her travels

Jo's Outdoor - Phones & Chips


Bring your phone. We will meet up probably for some chips and take photos with your phone ...more

Start of Evening - Photographer/s Overview


John J will present some famous photographer images ...more

Start of Evening - Composition


Carl will talk about composing photos. Is there a right or wrong way? ...more

Start of Evening - In The Camera Results


Godfray will go through the entries and reveal the results ...more

Annual Championship Judge


Carl Symes LRPS will be judging the GPC 2023 Annual PDI and Print Competitions ...more