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GPC Intro & Rules

Club Welcome and Rules Jan 2022
Open this document to print your own copy of the Club welcome, rules and other guidance.

Open this document to print your own copy of the Nature Competitions Rules eg Annual Local Nature-Gillingham

Introduction - from the Club President
We hope that you enjoy our Tuesday meetings which run every fortnight throughout the year. Other than the occasional outdoor event our regular venue is the Vale Douzaine Room where we meet at 8pm.

These meetings include regular competitions, demonstrations, talks and social activities that are arranged to help members improve their technical and artistic qualities in photography in the company of those with similar interests.

The club was founded in 1953 with just five members and in those days one needed a darkroom to produce monochrome prints but over the years the club has expanded increasing its membership and taking on new technology as it has appeared.

Colour slides came into their own during the 60's and 70's and then colour print production became possible for amateurs and this was taken up with great enthusiasm. More recently the digital revolution has swept in and now days most prints are produced in this way. Also with the falling away of interest in colour slides the projecting of digital images has been established for a number of competitions and illustrated talks.

What will come next? Who can tell, but we will certainly endeavour to keep in touch with every new development.

Robin Millard President (35 years, retired 2018)

Club Activities

On general club nights the club runs a league competition which will be either a “Print” or “PDI” (Projected Digital Image) on a predetermined topic or subject. Members can exhibit up to two images per night depicting their interpretation of the given topic or subject.

Meetings, Subjects and Topics can be found on the club programme card and also on the Guernsey Photographic Club website, along with any other events throughout the year.

On league nights the first part of the evening is taken up with various talks, demonstrations, viewings etc. Each member will then be asked to view and secretly vote on paper their favourite three images submitted by their fellow members. Members cannot vote for their own images. Each vote is then submitted to the secretary for counting before each member gathers for a tea/coffee break.

After the interlude all entries are then viewed individually by members where a critique is given. The Critique is of a constructive and helpful nature and intended to provide feedback to the author as well as helping raise the standard of photography for all members. The author will also have the opportunity to give their views and further information on the image. The images receiving the most votes are then revealed in reverse order.

League Points are awarded as follows:-

1 point is awarded to every member entering the competition


Fourth place = 1 point, Third place = 2 points, Second place = 3 points, First Place = 4 points

These points are added on to a League Table and the member who achieves the most points throughout the year will be declared winner.

The Print League and PDI League are two separate leagues and will both have their own individual winners.

During the year there will also be other house competitions; The Gillingham Nature Competition and Annual Championships which will be judged by a non-club member.

Also during the year there are two outdoor shoots organized by Committee Members. These meetings start at 7pm and members meet for supper afterwards at a local hotel or restaurant.

Each year we have an inter-club meeting with Spectrum Photographic Club and this is usually another outdoor event starting at 7pm followed by supper afterwards. Later in the year there is a Social Evening when the results of the Competition will be screened.

We also have an inter-club with Prism Photographic Club which is an indoor meeting on the same lines as our home competitions. Topic or Subject can be found on the GPC Programme sheet.

Our Annual Dinner / Presentation evening is held early in January to which friends and family are invited to join us. This is a social evening with excellent raffle and all Annual Print Competition Entries displayed for viewing.



(Amendments to Jan 2022)

1. The Club shall be known as 'The Guernsey Photographic Club'.

2. The Committee shall comprise of the following, who will be elected at the A.G.M. from within the membership.

Vice President
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Competition Secretary
Two Members

An Auditor and a Publicity Officer will also be elected at the A.G.M. The Auditor shall not be a serving Committee member but the Publicity post may be held by any of the above.

3. Meetings will normally be held on alternate Tuesdays, according to a Fixture list drawn up by the out going Committee for each year and will normally start at 8pm.

4. Membership shall be by payment of an annual subscription that will be revised at each A.G.M.

5. The annual subscription is to be paid at the earliest opportunity after the A. G. M.

6. Membership will be restricted to individuals over 16 years of age.

7. Prospective new members are welcome to all meetings. After two meetings, not necessarily consecutive, they will be asked to declare their intention to join the Club. The Fee for their first year may be at a reduced rate as decided at the A.G.M.

8. Following a resolution approving winding up the Club and (after discharge of all liabilities) distributing all the remaining assets, the meeting then will decide on the distribution of those assets. Distribution will be restricted to Registered Charities or Groups with photographic association.

9. Alterations to Club rules must be notified in writing to the Secretary one month before the A.G.M. Competition rules can be altered at the A.G.M. without prior notification.


A. Print and Digital Image League competitions - maximum 2 entries per member (entries must conform to the rules which apply to each particular competition).

B. Anyone entering a competition or event must have paid his or her membership in full as detailed in Club rule 5.

C. Members and visitors attending meetings will be invited, where applicable, to cast a vote placing entries into 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. All three places must be accredited; failure to do so will render the whole of the voting slip void.

D. An entry in a print league competition (E.J. Le Page Trophy) or digital image league competition (Quill Bisset Trophy) must not have been used in either of these competitions previously or be very similar to a current or previous image in either League.

An entry cannot be entered in more than one of the six GPC Annual Championship competitions nor entered if it has been used in any one of the six Annual Championship competitions previously or if it is very similar to a previous image entered in any one of the five Annual Championship competitions.

An entry in any other club competition must not have been used in that particular competition previously or be very similar to a previous image entered in that particular competition.

E. Images, negatives and transparencies used to produce work for any Club competition must have been exposed by the entrant.

F. A member is not to vote for their own entry.

G. Digital images will be accepted in all competitions, providing that all images used are the original copyright of the author.

H. Any entry in a league competition will have one voting point deducted

• where the entrant is not physically present during the casting of votes for such competition
• where the competition is held online and the entrant does not cast votes

I. When a league competition is judged by a visiting external judge no point should be deducted from an entrant’s score if they have entered the competition but are absent from the meeting.

J. When an entrant in a league competition is unable to attend the meeting to vote as they are on Club business, no point should be deducted from that entrant’s score.



E.J.LE Page Trophy (Prints League)
Print size- maximum 12 inches by 8.25 inches; minimum size 8 inches on the longest print edge. Mount size is optional but photographs should be mounted on firm card. Prints can be printed by the member or by others.

League points are awarded thus - members receive one point for entering a competition, plus one point for fourth place, two points for third place, three points for second place and four for first place. In the event of a member gaining two winning places, the higher position will be awarded and the other place vacated in favour of another entrant.

The member with the highest total at the completion of the league programme will be awarded the trophy. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared. Certificates will be awarded to the second and third placed member
Should the second or third places be shared they will all receive a certificate

Quill Bisset Trophy (Digital League)
See GPC specification rules for digital entries.
Points, certificates and trophy awarded as detailed for the E.J.LE Page Trophy competition.

The Millard Cup
This cup is awarded for a member's notable achievement in photography or contribution to the promotion and well-being of the club. The decision is to be made by the donor's son, with assistance.


These Competitions to be Judged by a non GPC member appointed by the committee.

Entries from previous League Competitions can be entered in all the Annual Competitions shown below.

Gillingham Trophy (Local Nature PDI) (Max. 3 entries per member)
Entries from Gillingham competitions can be entered in all the competitions shown below.
Phil Jackson Cup (Colour Open PDI) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Thomas Gough Cup (Monochrome Open PDI) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Joanne Mahy Trophy (Nature PDI) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Jack Caldwell Trophy (Best Overall PDI)
Awarded to the PDI selected by the judge as the best pdi image from the winning PDIs from the Phil Jackson Cup, Thomas Gough Cup and Joanne Mahy Trophy competitions.

For the following annual competitions listed below, the maximum print/mount size will be 50 cm by 40 cm and the minimum print size will be 8 inches on the longest side.
Stan Galliott Trophy (Human Portrait Print) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Bridel Shield (Colour Open Print) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Derek Tostevin Trophy (Monochrome Open Print) (Max. 2 entries per member)
Guernsey Photographic Club Trophy (Best Overall Print)
Awarded to the print selected by the judge from the winning prints of the Bridel Shield and the Thomas Gough Cup competitions.

Judge/s for the above annual competitions to be selected by the committee from outside the Club. In the rare event that a judge cannot be found, a competent non-contributing Club member may be nominated to the post.


Digital Files will be shown through a digital projector. Images will be shown twice on the screen prior to judging. Contact sheets containing all competition entries will be posted with a reference number for each image, mark your voting slip with this reference number for your first, second and third placed image.

All Digital files are to be submitted to the competition secretary one week before the competition or on the final submission date notified and in the following format -

a) Colour space sRGB ( See Guidance Notes below)

b) File Format- .jpg

c) Image Size- 1600 pixels horizontal, maximum
1200 pixels vertical, maximum
Please note- Images of a smaller size will appear smaller on the screen.

d) Images must not contain layers. (See Guidance Notes)

e) The canvas area itself (image area 1600 x 1200) must not display the title or author name.
For full details of preparing digital images please refer to separate guidance notes

Details below are for guidance only and do not form part of competition rules

1) Image 'filename'- Your Name_Competition Name_Image Title.jpg
Your filename must contain:-
• Your Name and any photo awards eg John Le Page BPE2
• followed by _ then the Competition Name eg _Still Life
• Followed by _ and then the Image Title eg _My Brilliant Vase
• It is best to use spaces in the title / name so they are easily read
Eg John Le Page BPE2_Still Life_My Brilliant Vase.jpg

2) Entries are uploaded to the GPC Cloud PhotoEntry system. The fall back if no Cloud system is to Either email your files to the GPC email address or write your files onto a CD-R, DVD or USB memory stick not a re-writable disk and make sure that the 'session is closed'. Write your Name on the CD in indelible marker.

3) You should ensure that no 'Virus' is present within your media. All media will be checked when submitted and any found with a virus will not be accepted.

Tip: If you intend to carry out work on an image in Photoshop or another editing package, it is best to save your image as .tiff or .psd until you have finished editing, only save as .jpg when you are sure you have your final copy of the image.
Every time you save a .jpg image you will lose quality, but this is not so when using .tif or .psd
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