1st Anthony Le Conte , Odd One Out, Tulips1st Nigel Byrom Open(Square Format) In Chains1st Martyn Elliston  Open Glencoe Deer1st Derek Bridel AFIAP, BPE2 Black or White No Ballet Shoes
1-Winner Jo Mahy Annual PDI sharkWinner Mono Portrait and Best Mono Image Nigel Byrom Distracted1st Alan Robilliard Open Rocks1st Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Still Life Musical Spoons
Joint 1st Nigel Bryom St James View from the west door looking east1st Nigel Byrom, Open, Deserted?1st Nigel Byrom Lines ECML1st Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Old Guernsey Structure Towers
1st= Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Domestic Animals Walkies1-Ian Toms, Clarence Battery1-Nigel Byrom, DistractedColour Pictorial Print Winner Nigel Byrom Reminiscence and Rememberance
2nd Anthony Le Conte Open(Square Format) Path To Buoakirkja2nd Godfray Guilbert  Open St. Pauls Reflections2-Honours Anthony Le Conte Annual PDI Tuscany MistWinner CO Best Colour Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 CO Underground Hospital
2nd Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Open Kingfisher Female2nd Nigel Byrom Still Life Cherries Plusjoint 1st Eric Ferbrache StJames-12nd Godfray Guilbert Open Torrent
2nd Godfray Guilbert Lines Curved steps1st= Alan Robilliard Old Guernsey sructures Refections1st= Alan Robilliard Domestic Animals Ruby2-Cindy Carre, Female Wheatear
2-Jo Mahy, Wall ArtColour Pictorial Print Honours Alan Robilliard Gorilla3rd Brian Johnson Open(Square Format) Convergence3rd Joanne Mahy  Open Leopard
2-Honours Berni Kerrigan Annual PDI GreenshankHonours CO Godfray Guilbert Venetian steps4th Nigel Byrom Open Co Kerry Coastline3rd Brian Johnson Still Life putting a shine on it
3rd Ian Toms St James  Night time3rd Berni Kerrigan Open Greenshank3rd Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Lines Golden Vegas3rd Berni Kerrigan Old Guernsey Structure St Martins Mill-2
3rd= Godfray Guilbert Domestic Animals Bramble3-Berni Kerrigan, Greenshank3-Jo Mahy, Fishing  Boat AlaskaColour Pictorial Print Honours Anthony Le Conte Tuscan Mist
4th Ian Toms Open(Square Format) First Light4th Ian Toms  Open Sail Away2-Honours Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 Annual PDI Fruit Fly FemaleHonours CO Martyn Elliston Bernadette and Asia battle at Glencoe
4th Martyn Elliston Still Life Wine4th Derek Bridel AFIAP BPE2 St James Firelight
GPC welcomes everyone whatever photographic ability who would like to share and develop their interest in photography. Our aim is to have fun in developing photographic skills. We meet every second Tuesday 8pm at Vale Douzaine Rooms.

Guernsey Eisteddfod Exhibition 2019


Eisteddfod Exhibition 2019 at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre
Wednesday 27th March - Saturday 30th March ...more

UK Met Update-Freedom to Take Photos


The Met Dec 2015 - Freedom to take photos remains with specific changes re Terrorism ...more