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GPC Competitions, Leagues, Trophies
A judge for the annual competitions is selected by the committee from outside the Club. In the rare event that a judge cannot be found, a competent non-contributing Club member may be nominated to the post.
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Print League - E.J.LE Page Trophy

Print League held throughout a year.

Ted Le Page was a Commercial Photographer and had a shop called “ Studio Story “ in the Pollet during the fifties and the sixties. ...more

PDI League - Quill Bisset Trophy

PDI league (Digital League)
The trophy was donated by Jonquil ( Quill ) Bisset. Founder member and first President, Quill was a builder and former Captain with the Gurkhas during the War.
The Trophy was in the past awarded to the winner of the Slide League, which is now the PDI League. The original round base filled up with names over time and was replaced by a long plinth. ...more

Annual Colour Print Open Class - Bridel Shield

Bridel Shield (Open Class) Colour Print (Max. 2 entries per member)
Donated by Albert (Bert) Bridel, who was originally a Spectrum member before joining the GPC. He was well known for his abstract type images, photographing his subject matter through frosted glass.
This Trophy was originally a Shield, but eventually it was filled up with names. So the shield was dismantled and set on a base that could take many more names. ...more

Annual Colour Human Portrait Print Class - Thomas Gough Cup

Thomas Gough Cup (Human Portrait Class) Colour Print (Max. 2 entries per member)
Tom was a very keen Portrait photographer and his work can be seen in the Club Album. He was a Traffic Control Officer at the Airport originally from England and returned there on his retirement. ...more

Annual Best Overall Colour Print - Guernsey Photographic Club Trophy

Best overall Colour Print
A Wooden Trophy with wings encompassing a lens. This was made by Len Dunn, a longstanding member of the Club, who served on the Committee in different rolls for many years.
The Trophy was originally for the best Print of the Year. Then the Competition was divided between Colour and Monochrome and now it is given for the best Colour Print. ...more

Annual Mono Open Print Class - Derek Tostevin Trophy

Derek Tostevin Trophy (Open Class) Monochrome Print (Max. 2 entries per member)
One of the longest serving members of the Club and Secretary for many years. Also a founder of Prism. ...more

Annual Mono Human Portrait Print Class - Stan Galliott Trophy

Stan Galliott Trophy Monochrome Print Human Portrait Class. (Max. 2 entries per member)
Stan was an accomplished portrait photographer, particularly of women, and was Vice President of the Club for many years. ...more

Annual Best Overall Mono Print - Jack Caldwell Trophy

Best overall Monochrome print
Presented by Joan Caldwell in memory of her husband Jack. Both Joan and Jack were keen members of the Club from the time they took early retirement and came to live in Guernsey. They had been members of a large Manchester Club before that. ...more

Annual PDI Open Class - Phil Jackson Cup

Phil Jackson Cup Annual Competition for Open digital images Class. ( Max. 3 entries per member )
Phil Jackson was a “ Happy Snaps “ photographer. In the fifties and sixties there were a number of these photographers taking pictures at public dances, on the beaches and at weddings. The photographs used to be displayed outside their shops.
The Trophy was for the Best Slide of the Year and is now for the Best PDI. As with most of the other older Trophies the base filled up with names and another larger base has been added. ...more

Annual Local Nature PDI - Gillingham Trophy

Gillingham Nature Competition. (Local Nature PDI) ( Max 3 images per person )

Bill and his wife Leith were both accomplished photographers. Formerly members of Spectrum, before joining GPC Bill was keen to encourage local Nature Photography and with this in mind he established an annual Nature Competition, with the stipulation that the entries had to be taken in the Bailiwick. The Competition was originally for slides but is now for PDI’S. ...more

Annual - The Millard Cup

Awarded to a member for their notable achievement/s
Presented by Joyce Millard, wife of Clinton ( Clint ) Millard in his memory. Clint was a motor mechanic by trade and founder of the GPC. ...more